by Nathan Favaroth on Jan 07, 2020

The Equinox is one of the two times in a year when the sun crosses the plane of the earth equator, and day and night are of equal time. The Spring Equinox occurs in March, and the Autumn Equinox occurs in September.

Our company choose the word Equinox to convey that we should all strive to have balance in our life. The word Equinox is a Latin word, which means “equality of night and day” This symbolism can be seen in our logo, encased inside of our lantern.

In life, there will be some days that are better than others. Life guarantees us that we will all experience moments of joy and pain, sunshine, and rain. Although we are not able to physically control the external elements of the universe, we should all strive to control and master the internal elements of our emotions, goals, and self-determination. Our team mission at Equinox Inspires is to provide products that will inspire POSITIVE thoughts, elevate awareness, and encourage transformational changes.

It has been proven throughout history that most, if not all, people at some point in one’s life need a word of encouragement, a kind gesture, a helping hand, a smile, truth, and respect. We at Equinox Inspires want to do our part to help elevate an individual, the family, and our society. We hope that all people will begin to see the beauty of humanity.

As you read the pages of our website and social media links, we would like you to think about a few things. What will you give to life? What will life give back to you if you commit yourself to discipline, education, and excellence? What will you do for yourself that will have a positive influence in your family, for humanity and generations to come?
Are YOU the light that inspires changes?

Team Equinox Inspires
“Be the light that inspires change”

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